Kyla | Marketing

Kyla started her sailing career as an apprentice with Girls for Sail, giving her an immersive and thorough grounding on which to build her skills.
“I had always been drawn to the water, dabbling in all different kinds of water sports during holidays: windsurfing, dinghy sailing, kite surfing and surfing, but living in the middle of the UK and being completely land locked, left very little opportunity to get the experience I needed.
So I made use of the mid-life crisis and perfect storm of empty nest syndrome and divorce, and joined as an apprentice at the age of 44. One year on, I’m now set to take my Yachtmaster exam having sailed around the Caribbean, south coast of England and across the Channel – and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the Salty Sailing team.
Having previously worked as a primary school teacher and in advertising and public relations, I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to explore a totally different career in the yachting industry.”