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Welcome aboard

Thanks for joining Lizzy on her salty adventure!

Salty Sailing aims to make sailing fun and encourage everyone to get out on the water and give it a go, creating life time sailors. They aim to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to really enjoy the water. The team at Salty Sailing know that you feel the same as us; wanting to enjoy sailing in a calm, supportive and encouraging environment in which to develop your Salty Sailing skills.

“We are ridiculously excited about the new venture, and really believe we can make it a success.”  Lizzy Fitzsimmons | Owner – Salty Sailing

Salty Sailing will be offering a range of courses at all different levels, from total beginner up to Yachtmaster Traning, as well as racing events and cruising trips around the UK and France.

At Salty Sailing everyone is welcome to take part, we encourage people from every walk of life to come and give it a go, be it a taster day out in the Solent, a two week cruise down to the Scilly Isles or the Full Yachtmaster program.

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