Zhik was founded before the Athens Olympics when it was noticed that the sailing apparel markets could do with a spark of innovation. There was clearly scope to bring in technically proficient gear to help athletes win gold. Since then, Zhik has not only achieved this, but combined it with a fresh outlook in styling.

We now sell a brilliant range of products into an international network covering more than 40 countries, in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific . Top sailors choose Zhik gear to win world championships, and demand it for their OIympic campaigns. The Zhik brand has a very strong presence with the elite athletes in sail racing.

After success in the dinghy boats, Zhik set about designing some brilliant yachting gear. Zhik Isotak™ and AroShell™ wet weather gear is rapidly becoming  a new choice for racing sports boats, and is now extending to ranges suitable for offshore yachting.

Zhik has also expanded on its research and development, with new projects in material science likely to change many facets of performance apparel. We aim to wear less layers in winter and to provide functionality where it counts.

Zhik is now growing to include new technical products that will appeal in a larger set of outdoor and marine applications. Expect to see more of Zhik as we build our network, and extend into broader marine activities. Take a pair of ZKG’s for example, our flexible high grip amphibious shoe,  and wear them in any marine environment, also styled as street wear.